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Company profile


 Tongding Interconnection Information Co., Ltd is located in Wujiang city, a cable industry base under National Torch Program of China in the boundary of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It is a core subsidiary specializes in the production of optical fiber, optical fiber cable, optical devices, optical fiber sensors, special optical cables and other products, providing users of high-quality electrical and optical cable products, system solutions and technical services both in and out of China. The company was listed in Shenzhen stock market in October 2010 (Stock Code: 002491).

Tongding was awarded Top 500 private Enterprises of China, Top 500 Competitiveness of China, Top 500 Manufacturing of China, Top 500 Machinery of China, China 500 Most Valuable Brands, Top 50 Communication Equipment Suppliers of China, Top 10 Most Competitive Enterprise in China Optical Fiber and Cable Industry, as well as credit honors like China Famous Brand Product, National Enterprises of Keeping Promise & Honoring Contracts , Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan, National Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, Quality Benchmarking of Industrial Enterprises, Excellent Private Science and Technology Enterprise of China, China Telecom Industry Leader, The Most Beautiful Optical and Electric Cable Enterprise, Excellent enterprise in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Ten Billion Scale Enterprises, Top 10 Independent Industrial Brand of Jiangsu Province. Large Taxpayer of Jiangsu Private Enterprise, etc. ‘TDGD’ is authorized China Well-known Trademark in the file issued by SAIC in September 2007. The Chairman, Mr. Shen Xiaoping, won the model worker in Jiangsu Province,  May 1st Labor Medal of Jiangsu Province, Excellent entrepreneur in Jiangsu province, Founding 60th Anniversary Innovative Figures, National Outstanding Demobilized Veterans, Leader of China Communications Industry, Eleven-Five Outstanding Jiangsu Merchants, China Communications Optical & Electric Cable Industry Outstanding Contribution Award, China Optical Communications Annual Management Personnel, China Electronic Association Electronic Information Science and Technology Award, The Most Beautiful Optical & Electric Cable People, Top 10 Jiangsu Economic Person of the Year.

Company insists in the strategic development direction of ‘unified in major, appropriate diversification’, focus on optical & electric cables manufacturing field, by extending the industry chain, Tongding has the business board and complete industry chain from optical fiber preform, fiber and cables, special optical & electric cables, optical fiber sensors, communication equipments, real estate guarantee, mobile internet service, high precision equipments, etc. Tongding now becomes the technical experts and market leader of this industry.

Optical Fiber Preform: For broad development space and perfect industry chain, Tongding set up Jiangsu Tongding Optical Fiber Preform Co., Ltd. for optical fiber preform research and development and production. This preform produced by the most advanced processing, entire autonomous intellectual property rights, full local material, full self-made mandrel and cladding. PhaseI, II & III Project has the preform production capacity with 400T.

Optical Fiber: Tongding set up optical fiber production base in early 2009, and imported advanced test devices and instruments in the world, Tongding also imported 20 towers, 40 drawing lines from Finland for PhaseI, II & III Project, which can draw the preform with biggest diameter (Ф120mm-200mm), and the drawing speed reaches to 2100m/min. Phase II Project has the production capacity with 13 million km, and the production capacity will expand to 30 million km after phase III project completed. Optical fiber products had passed the TLC certification and product certification on Dec. 17th, 2009, which covered the application field in backbone network, metropolitan area network, access network and FTTH, etc.

Optical Cable: Tongding had expanded the optical fiber capacity for three times, the total plant area is more than 100 thousand square meters, and the production capacity is 40 million fiber core km per year, it is the biggest optical cable production base in China. Tongding Group imported more than 210 advanced production equipments from MS, Rosendahl, Nextrom and domestic suppliers, and also equipped with advanced optical fiber, cable, law material test devices from EG&G, PK, Agilent, BUPT, SECRI, etc. Fiber optical cable products include loose tube layer stranded optical cables, central bundle tube optical cables, fiber ribbon loose tube layer stranded optical cables, fiber ribbon central bundle tube optical cables, ADSS cables, air-blown micro cables, underwater optical cables, optical-electric composite cables and anti-rodent, flame-retardant and other products. The company obtained the adoption of international standard product certificate and National SARFT, National Defense Communications Center registration certificate, ADSS cables awards the name of “High-tech products of Jiangsu Province”.

Special Optical Cable: Tongding has the top facilities in production and technical supportings. It has 26 thousand square meters single plant and 47 lines for flat type optical fiber cable production, the production capacity exceeds 2.5 million fiber core km per year. At present, company focused on future private network and integrated cabling system, set up Tongding Optical & Electric Indoor cable Institute, and equipped 38 indoor optical cable production lines for research and development and production. Now it has totally 104 special optical cable production lines, main products are flat type optical cables, special optical cables, indoor cables, armored optical cables for FTTx, and the products passed the UL certification.

RF Cable and Leaky Coaxial Cable: Based on the principle of ‘Focus in Future, Catch Up from Behind’, Tongding gets into RF cable industry with high starting points and high standards. Company has the biggest single plant of 28 thousand square meters. Company invested 300 million CNY for importing advanced production lines and testing equipments such as several Rosendahl physical foaming lines and welding corrugate lines, Agilent network analyzer, third-order intermodulation testing system and Anritsu antenna feeder cable testing device, etc. Now the production capacity reaches to 150 thousand km for RF cables. The company also has a full set of leakage cable production and testing equipment, and built standardized leakage cable testing site, which can provide more than 20 thousand kilometers of high-quality leakage coaxial cable each year. Company brought in many sets of equipments from Japan using for the production of RF Connectors CNC processing, and the annual output is 2 million sets of RF coaxial connectors. At the same time, the company also produces RF jumper, feeder cards, grounding cards and other RF engineering accessories, it has a strong RF engineering supporting capacity. Production process applies ISO9001/ISO14001 and ROHS System Management, and passed the TCL certification and product certification.

Communication Cable and Lan Cable: Tongding equipped more than 600 advanced automatic production lines, and have the production capacity with 2 million pairs km per year for communication cables, 2 million cartons per year for Lan cables, 200 thousand pairs km per year for twin-twisted pair wires, 10 thousand km per year for central office coaxial cables. The company's production scale, product quality and supply capacity are all in the forefront of China,and the products had got the international standard product mark certificate from National Standardization Administration Committee, in addition, the horizontal twisted pair cables had got the registration certificate from SARFT.

Special Power Cable: Tongding has the advanced production lines and testing devices, and has senior experts, engineers and technicians, trained staffs. Company had got the production license from National General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, TLC certificate and National Grid communication network certificate. The main products include more than 100 series and 30 thousands type, such as environment-friendly power cables, flame resistance communication power soft cables, optical fiber composite low-voltage cables (OPLC), photovoltaic cables, control cables, and x-cross low-voltage cables. Company has synthetical production capacity of 400 thousand km cables, and the production value is more than 1 billion CNY.

Tongding passed the certification of ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001-2004 Environmental Management System Certification, OHSAS18001-2001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification, and also got the AAA Enterprise Credit Rating certificate from People's Bank of China. Communication cables, optical cables, RF cables and special optical cables are all passed the TLC certification, and got the registration pass from SARFT, General Staff and National Grid Communication Center. Tongding products are widely used in China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, CTT, SARFT, national defense, railway, high-way, mine and oil field. Company markets cover all provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and also exported to overseas such as USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Ukraine, Vietnam, Belarus, Pakistan, etc.

Tongding has famous experts and senior technicians, company also founded the academician workstation, national level post-doctoral research center, national level enterprise technology center, enterprise testing center, Tongding Optical Fiber Sensor Technology & Engineering Center, BUPT-Tongding Union Laboratory of Optical Fiber Technology, Suzhou Tongding Optical Fiber Preform Technology Institute, Suzhou Tongding Optical Fiber Engineering Technology Research Center. Tongding also built an enterprise science & technology association, and widely cooperates with famous universities, colleges, scientific research institutions and design institutes such as Nanjing University. The projects of Distribution Type Optical Fiber Sense & Location System and RF coaxial Cable for 3G Mobile Communication which cooperated with BUPT were listed in national Torch Program. High-Precision Durable Fiber Grating Temperature Detection System was listed in National Innovation Fund Project. At present, Tongding has 455 patents, among which, invention patents are 42.

With the development of the enterprise, Tongding makes extra efforts for contributing to the society. In the recent years, Tongding Group has donated over 400 million CNY to charities and social welfare projects. Tongding Group organized donation activities in many universities and colleges such as Nanjing University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Southeast University, Nanjing Audit University, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing University of Finance & Economics, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. With continuous contributions to Chinese education and science and technology development, Tongding Group was rated charity model and caring enterprise by Suzhou government. The chairman, Mr. Shen Xiaoping won the China Charity Award for continuous 3 times, Title of Most Caring Individual, outstanding entrepreneurs, Jiangsu 1st Charity Star, Jiangsu top ten social responsibility Award, The most charitable and charitable model in 1st Jiangsu Charity Award. In April 2012, Mr. Shen Xiaoping was listed No. 1 of Jiangsu entrepreneur in Jiangsu Charity List by Forbes. In October 2016, Mr. Shen Xiaoping was listed No. 39 in Hurun IT List, which was No. 1 in Jiangsu entrepreneur. On April 2017, Mr. Shen Xiaoping was awarded The Ten Greatest Charitarian in China.

          To provide customers with high-quality products and services is the unremitting efforts of Tongding; to build a century brand and revitalizing the national industry is the mission of Tongding; to stabilize leading position in domestic, and create world famous brand is the target of Tongding. We will adhere to the spirit of step by step, and the development theory of management with honest and scientific decision, inherit Human-oriented, technological innovation as our culture soul, struggle for century Tongding Brand.

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